India’s Evolving App Ecosystem: Conversation between Deepak Abbot and Ashish Sinha [Part 1]

Dec 11, 2020

India’s app ecosystem is evolving — at a rapid rate. A lot many businesses are trying to become digital-native to stay relevant.

Checkout this conversation between ashish sinha (of NextBigWhat) and Deepak Abbot, which was recorded as part of GrowthTalkies, a series of workshops and AMAs with India’s leading product and growth leaders.

This is part 1 of the series on the same (do subscribe to NextBigWhat Radio podcast)

Topics discussed:

  • What’s happening with India’s app ecosystem.
  • How can early-stage startups protect themselves from Google and Apple’s
  • What are the app install and uninstall numbers from India
  • How much time do Indian consumers spend on Apps
  • Consumer behavioral change in Indian consumers pre-covid and during-covid.